Sunday, August 19, 2012

So into Spider-Man's girl these days.

Tried to practice with facial expressions, but  think I'm still on my way to go there.. So here's the illustration I did lately..

Look at that shiny fur...
I try something new, it's different from what I imagine though...
And this is what I love the most, turn out great.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A spidey's easter egg

As a Spider-Man's fan, I know it's fun to notice Stan Lee in the first day of Tobey's spidey screening back in 2002. But then again came another Stan's cameo in another Marvel's movie which superhero he created. And so The Avenger came with a lot of easter egg too.

Back to spidey's things..
But then I think I notice something that everyone else doesn't. If You watch carefully to the new Parker's room, in about 2001, and in the Ultimate Spidey and in the movie, Marvel try to show that Peter's interest in Science, with a lot of scientific stuffs. But the most noticeable things is that the poster of Einstein in his room. The picture below will guide You.

I found this easter egg by myself, if somebody else found it first.. beat my timestamp!!
Ciao. :)

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